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3 Things To Keep In Mind For Your Blooms

Work with proportions: Your bridal bouquet is the most photographed accessory. It is so important to remember that your bouquet and you should work well together! We sometime forget about proportions. If you’re a petite woman, let your florist know that you would prefer a more compact, rounded floral design so it doesn’t overpower your frame.  And if you’re a taller bride, try the cascading trend or ask for longer stems.

Learn your seasons: Not all flowers are available year round for your wedding date. Use in-season blooms and you’ll get the freshest flowers. But if you must, learn your look-a-likes. Find substitutes to achieve the same style. For example, garden roses often stand in for peonies, and hydrangeas and sweet peas. Ask for florist, trust your florist.

Make them personal: Infuse your bouquet with a wrap such as your grandmother’s handkerchief or attached a photo locket of late loved ones. The touch of sentiment goes a long way to making it even more memorable. Also it can serve as your something borrowed!

Have any thing else you wish you knew before choosing your blooms? Let us know in the comments below!